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Dandelion approaches an important and trending topic, aiming to empower prospective IVF and egg-freezing patients to make more informed decisions about their treatment, and thus save money and precious time. We do this through our two ground-breaking online educational programs that have already received excellent reviews from participants worldwide.


This course is for couples who want to familiarize themselves with assisted reproduction, specifically in‑vitro fertilization (IVF) with either own or donated eggs, as well as women who plan to become pregnant using donor sperm
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Chapter 2  ·  12 min
   12 min

An overview of the different types of infertility and red flags that should prompt a visit to the doctor
Primary infertility vs. secondary infertility
Understanding male infertility
Understanding female infertility
When to see a fertility doctor?
Chapter 3  ·  14 min
   14 min

A detailed explanation of the most common tests used to diagnose infertility and when they should be performed
Tests for her explained
Tests for him explained
Chapter 4  ·  35 min
   35 min

Putting the science of assisted reproduction into layman's terms, along with all those puzzling acronyms
Understanding the science
Your hormonal treatment
Egg collection and sperm collection
IVF: the "magic" happens in the lab
Embryos and monitoring development
Day of transfer: "meet" your embryos
What's next: pregnancy test and at-home care
Chapter 5  ·  7 min
   7 min

Determine what factors are important to you, and find the clinic that best meets your needs, budget, style
Selection factors that matter to you
Easier decision-making: Clinic Rating Chart©
Chapter 6  ·  12 min
   12 min

What to expect from your first fertility appointment and how to prepare to make the most of it
Before getting there
Once you're there
Chapter 7  ·  2 min
   2 min

A summary of what we discussed and what you should feel empowered to do
You're ready to start your journey


This course is for women who are curious about fertility preservation, those who are considering egg freezing and need guidance, as well as those who underwent an unsatisfactory procedure and want to reassess their options
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Chapter 2  ·  14 min
   14 min

When is the best time to start thinking about fertility preservation, and where should you begin
The right time for egg freezing
Choosing your fertility clinic
The Clinic Rating Chart©
Chapter 3  ·  16 min
   16 min

How to prepare for your first fertility visit to get the most out of it, as well as an overview of the most common fertility tests
Before getting there
Once you're there
A closer look to your fertility tests
Chapter 4  ·  8 min
   8 min

Understanding the science behind egg freezing and what to expect from your procedure
Your hormonal treatment
Egg collection and egg freezing
Chapter 5  ·  2 min
   2 min

A summary of what we discussed, as well as the decisions you should now feel empowered to make
You're ready to start your journey

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Whether you're a blogger, vlogger or content creator with an audience, you can apply to join our affiliate program. Please send us an email introducing yourself, and you will hear back from us within three (3) business days.
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The commission is 10% per successful enrolment. Payouts are handled under the conditions described below.
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Yes, a personalized discount code will be created for you. This will offer your referrals a 10% discount.
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Several resources, including an Affiliate Manual for each educational program, copy swipes, and corresponding banners, will be available in your affiliate dashboard as soon as you become an affiliate. If there is something else you think will help you make your campaign more successful, we’re always happy to help; just send us an email at